A downloadable game for Windows

Dracula’s Pizza Delivery is a 2.5D endless game where you compete against time. The main goal of the game is to deliver pizza to different monsters without passing the time limit of the orders and to achieve the highest score!

The Game shows an alternate backstory on how Bram Stoker's famous horror novel character Dracula became so famous.  He is not a nobleman, nor a criminal. Instead everybody knows him for the best pizza in town! The Game depicts him at a younger age when he started as a regular pizza boy and had a simple lifestyle. He lives in  a monsters neighbourhood- a fictional town in 14th century Transylvania. Therefore, Dracula’s customers are other popular monsters like Victor Frankenstein, Hannibal Lecter and Lord Voldemort who crave pizza!

This project was developed by students as part of the project Experimental Game Lab at the Bauhaus University Weimar. We started and developed our game from scratch in two and a half months. I hope you have fun playing as much as we have fun when we make this game for you.

Features already in the demo

  • Smooth but fast-paced game play
  • Funny and goofy background story
  • Atmospheric, edgy/gothic style pixel art with monochromatic palette 
  • Interactive prologue and tutorials
  • Different enemies and boosters
  • Pointing and reviewing systems
  • Permanent character designs
  • Script written based on character design

Features of the full release

  • Expanded and detailed city map
  • Other game mechanics that will effective on game play
  • More enemies, skills and items
  • Additional characters
  • and many more...

Game Artist and Game Designer - Yasemin Yagci 

 Insta: @yasemiiiiiny 

Game Programmer and IT - Nita Kinanti 

Music and Sound Design - Odin Funderburke 

Screenwriter - Lana Kesselring 

Story by Yasemin Yagci and Son Hong Nguyen

Illustration by @yasemiiiiiny

A downloadable game for Windows 


Dracula's_Pizza_Delivery.zip 38 MB


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